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Music Periodicals

When looking for articles be aware that in general, these can be from newspapers, magazines, trade publications (also known as professional), or academic journals (also known as scholarly or peer-reviewed) that are periodically published (daily, once a week, month, quarterly and , etc.). That is why the general name we use is "periodicals" or "serials" for these types of publications. Always refer to your assignment specifications to make sure you are looking for the correct type of article published in a periodical. You can find articles through the Library Catalog or Library Databases at  G. R. Little Library website

See this library guide that explains peer-review articles in a much more detailed way: Peer-reviewed Explained.

Please check out the physically available periodicals (music magazines and music journals) available in the music library. 

Recommended Music Databases

You can find articles through Library databases. Databases provide a collection of information in electronic format. In addition to articles, databases usually contain the following information:

  • Journal, magazine, & newspaper articles
  • Book chapters
  • Dissertations
  • Reviews
  • Analyst reports

Below is a selected list of some of the databases available through G. R. Music Library that can help you with starting your research. 

JSTOR includes access to 78 Music Journals. 

Projectmuse includes approximately 20 Music Journals.

Music Index from EBSCOhost database includes indexes and abstracts as well as full-texts for more than 450 Music Periodicals. 

Click here to see the list of Music Databases available in the library.  


Choosing Articles

Types of Article 

  Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed, Academic) Popular (Magazines)  Newspaper


Audience with knowledge in the field.

Language is very technical.

General audience.

Language is easy to understand.

General audience.

Language is easy to understand.


Also known as Peer-Reviewed, Academic, or Scholarly Journals.

Written by researchers, academics, scientist, professors, etc.

Generally considered popular-interest sources.

Generally written by journalists, professional writers, and in some cases scientist or scholars for non-academic purposes.

Generally written by journalists and reporters with or without special training in the subject.
Purpose To find in-depth research and analysis of a specific aspect of a topic.


To find an opinion on popular topics and for entertainment.


To find current information about an event, local and global issues, people, places at the time of publication.

To access opinions or arguments through the Editorial section.

Examples Journal Ethnomusicology, Early Music Time, Smithsonian, The Atlantic, etc. The New York Times

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