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Music Business


This guide provides a variety of resources to find information about the music business.  Use the tabs on the left to find books, articles, images, and videos through the library; or use the websites tab to find information outside the library.

Questions? I am happy to help! Ask your librarian!

Search the ECSU G.R. Little Library Online Catalog

You can conveniently access all items through a comprehensive search in the library catalog below that searches both physically located items and online resources. Experiment with the provided search terms on the left to discover sources pertinent to your field of study. Music resources can be found under book call numbers (shelf locators) M, ML, and MT, located in the music library. Click on the below search box to start your search. 

Keywords to Use

Sometimes when you are searching you already know the title and or author. In that case, it's best to do an author or title search in the library catalog. However, there will be many times when you don't know exactly what you are looking for, and then a keyword or subject search will be necessary.

When searching in the library for an article about music and business, try searching different combinations of keywords to find sources, such as:

  • Try searching for a specific artist or musical group
  • Try searching for different aspects of business: marketing, advertising, budget, for example:
    • advertising AND musicians
    • budget AND tour AND musicians
    • marketing AND bands
    • advertising AND [specific artist]
  • Try searching for a specific genre of music, along with an aspect of business:
    • songwriters AND advertising
    • rap musicians AND marketing

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