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Books can be used to find in-depth analysis and discussions about a topic. Some characteristics of books as a type of source are:

  • Useful to find background information about an issue.
  • May have different editions and publication dates. Consider other types of sources such as journal or newspaper articles if you are looking for the most current information.
  • Can be fiction or non-fiction. 

Searching for Books In the Library Catalog

Use the library catalog to search for books in the ECSU Music Library.

Click on the Library Catalog and use the basic or advanced search boxes to search for books (title, subject, author, etc.). Physical books have an alpha-numerical shelf location label designed according to the Library of Congress Classification System called a "call number." Get the call number to locate the book on the shelves and ask your librarian to receive further help finding it. 

Mostly you will find books classified under ML or MT. 

Below are a couple of example books that have the ML call number heading under the Library of Classification System. 

Please ask your librarian "subject headings" assigned under each classification to learn more about the organization of the music collection in the library.  



In addition to physical books, there are also e-books for music-related subjects. You can directly search for e-books from the library catalog. However, you can also go to the specific library database in order to search for an e-book. The Library offers access to nearly 200 thousand e-books in all academic disciplines including music. E-books may be read online or downloaded for a short loan period to read offline. Below are the most well-known e-book databases (Ebsco and Proquest) that our library subscribed to along with an e-book example. Please see your librarian to explore more e-book databases and learn more about them. 


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