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Scholarly Communications Services at the G.R. Little Library

A guide on scholarly communication services and topics including copyright, open access, author rights, digital archiving and more.


In this library guide you will find information and resources related to scholarly communication services and topics. The goal is to follow trending and newly emerging library services in the 21'st century to connect with the mission and vision of the Elizabeth City State University in enhancing teaching and learning and create a positive impact on scholarly research in society. 

At G.R. Little Library, librarians offer a diverse range of services to support the ECSU community. They assist in setting up institutional repositories, guide on open access publishing, and help manage research data. Additionally, they provide insights on copyright, measure the impact of scholarly works, and help establish unique scholarly identities. Their expertise extends to digital scholarship, research skills training, and preserving scholarly outputs. Furthermore, they champion open access, educate on scholarly publishing dynamics, and potentially offer collaborative spaces equipped with specialized tools and technology.

Libraries’ Response to Scholarly Communication in the Digital Era

Academic libraries are becoming increasingly involved in scholarly communication in the twenty-first century. The digital era presents both challenges and opportunities for libraries and librarians. This article presents a review of the professional library literature on scholarly communication, providing an overview of the current scholarly communication landscape, including institutional repositories, new roles for academic librarians and subject specialists, and opportunities for further research.

Scholarly Communications Toolkit from ACRL

The ACRL Scholarly Communication Toolkit was initially launched in 2005 by the ACRL Research and Scholarly Environment Committee (formerly the Scholarly Communication Committee) to support advocacy efforts designed to transform the scholarly communication landscape.

The toolkit is an educational resource primarily directed to librarians to assist them with:

  1. integrating a scholarly communication perspective into library operations and programs and
  2. preparing presentations on scholarly communication issues for administrators, faculty, staff, students, or other librarians.

The Toolkit includes short overview essays on key scholarly communication issues and highly selective lists of other sources of information on these topics, and copies of presentations, handouts, and similar material including materials from the ACRL Workshop “Scholarly Communication: From Understanding to Engagement.


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