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Critical Thinking & Academic Research

This guide is created to aid you in your development of critical thinking skills and in your ability to conduct research using library resources.

Step 2- Searching and Locating Information

Now that you understand your information needs after a reasonable investigation, planning, and identifying your topic, it is time to find that information. 

Library Catalog Search Engine is Two Steps Away!

Searching in the Library Catalog is always a good way to start your search for all types of library resources and not only electronic resources. 

1- Go to

2- Under the “Academics” tab from the upper menu, click the “Library” to access the library online catalog.

Then, you will get a blue box that is a basic search option that you can have quick keyword search.

Click on the Advanced Search Option for additional keyword searches and limiters.

Below is a view of an Advanced Search.

Under advanced search, it is possible to limit the search with content type, discipline and add more keyword searches for other search fields (keyword, subject, author, title) using the plus sign.      


G.R. Little Library

Elizabeth City State University