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Critical Thinking & Academic Research

This guide is created to aid you in your development of critical thinking skills and in your ability to conduct research using library resources.

First Steps to Research Process

Research involves applying critical thinking to information when a researcher evaluates the material relevancy and develops a perspective. The goal is to think critically about the information, not merely repeat its ideas. The research process cycle is not necessarily linear and can often overlap and not necessarily in a specific order. These cycles are usually initiating, locating, selecting, organizing, presenting, and assessing the information.

Next, we will focus on the first cycles in this part of the guide: initiating and locating. These two cycles start with some preparations and understanding types of information before learning the search strategies to locate the information. 

As part of the initial preparation steps of the research process, let's look at these three subsections: 

1- Investigating Before Starting Research

2- Searching and Locating Information

3- Understanding Types of Information


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