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Film Theory: Finding Books

This subject guide is designed for students who want to explore resources in Film Theory.

Finding Books

The easiest way to find the exact book you're looking for is through searching the online catalog and getting in touch with the librarian. 

Here are some hints on how to search it:

  • Keyword:  most flexible, most results
  • Subject:  more restrictive, categories, works as an index, idea farm.
  • Title:  more restrictive, have precise titles, works as an index.
  • If searching for criticism on an author, search in the keyword category and include the words criticism and interpretation.  Ex:  Lang criticism interpretation 

 Alas, there is not a subject heading for "film theory," but familiarize yourself with subject heading vocabulary that is used instead:

  • film criticism
  • motion pictures
  • motion pictures--reviews
  • motion pictures--philosophy
  • sex role in motion pictures
  • television broadcasting--social aspects
  • television criticism

For books about specific directors or films, search using the director's name or specific film as a subject heading.


Selected Film Theory Books

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