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Race, Gender and Ethnicity Studies : Welcome

Race, Gender and Ethnicity Studies Resources


Welcome to the Library Guide for Race, Gender, and Ethnicity Studies. This Library Guide offers selected resources on Race, Ethnicity, and Gender from the G.R. Little Library Collection and online resources. Its aim is to navigate the curated collection of books, articles, databases, and more to empower your exploration of these vital topics. Whether you're a student, scholar, or curious mind, we're here to support your journey toward a deeper understanding of these critical social issues.

Library Guide Creator

This Library guide was created by Myasia Bradley, she is a History major with a concentration in Race, Gender, and Ethnicity Studies. She has created this library guide for her internship class and with goal of helping students understand more on race, gender, and ethnicity studies. Her site internship librarian is Nurhak Tuncer-Bayramli. Her History Professors are Dr. Latif Tarik (advisor) and Dr. Glenn Bowman (internship class). 


Race, Gender and Ethnicity Studies


An interdisciplinary branch of academic study known as "race, gender, and ethnicity studies" critically analyzes the connections between race, gender, and ethnicity in social, historical, and cultural contexts. To comprehend how these categories impact both individual and group experiences, researchers in this subject examine power relationships, social structures, and cultural representations. It looks at how race, gender, and ethnicity connect in order to expose and dispel prejudice, stereotypes, and structural injustices. In order to further efforts to promote social justice and inclusivity, it is imperative that this field of study create a deeper understanding of the various and linked ways in which it identifies social structures, policies, and life.

Race, Gender, and Ethnicity Studies is a multidisciplinary subject that demands cross-disciplinary research. It pulls from sociology, anthropology, and cultural studies. Librarians and libraries play an important role in curating collections of the topic by using different perspectives and providing research for Race, Gender, and Ethnicity studies. 




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