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Peer-Reviewed Explained

How to find peer reviewed articles

Peer-reviewed at the top of the pyramid

Peer-reviewed: Evidence based "original" research
reviewed by scholarly experts in the discipline (usually "blind review" process: reviewers and authors do not know each other) published only if found highly important that contributes to the research in the field by discovering something that is not delved into much! 
      (Cream of the crop basically!)
Scholarly-Academic: Not published in a peer-reviewed journal, but still evidenced based scientific research (Very similar to peer-reviewed - but might not always based on original research that contributes to the discipline, less rigid process to get published)
Trade-Popular Magazines/Newspapers: Broad overviews, can be fact based but also opinion based, published more frequently, shorter in length, can contain advertisements, articles are not evaluated by experts in the subject field (refers to everyday user with simple language and the purpose is to entertain or give opinion on a particular topic)

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