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Peer-Reviewed Explained

How to find peer reviewed articles

Anatomy of a Peer-Reviewed Article

When you are determining whether or not the article you found is a peer-reviewed article, you should consider the following.

Does the article have the following features?

Image of the first page of a peer-reviewed article. These items are highlighted: Been published in a scholarly journal.   An overall serious, thoughtful tone.   More than 10 pages in length (usually, but not always).   An abstract (summary) on the first page.  Organization by headings such as Introduction, Literature Review, and Conclusion.  Citations throughout and a bibliography or reference list at the end.  Credentialed authors, usually affiliated with a research institute or university.Adopted from Lloyd Sealy Library:

MORE CLUES TO LOOK! These are (but not limited to): charts, graphs, equations, cited resources list

CLICK HERE to see the other areas of a peer-reviewed article to look. 





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