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Distance Education Library Services: Databases

Distance education student have access to the full array of G. R. Little Library and Elizabeth City State University's resources and services.

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Questions about off-campus access to online resources


Why do I have to log in? 

G. R. Little Library purchases subscription to many electronic journal databases such as Science Direct, Wiley Interscience, and other electronic resources. These are restricted to ECSU students, faculty and staff. By requiring a login ECSU is able to authenticate users. If you login using your email user name and password you should have no problem with access to our online resources. 

Do I need a password for NC Live if I have signed in through my university’s library website? 

No. NC LIVE will now see that you are accessing them through your university’s website. However, if you are presented with NC Live’s login page please contact us. 

Is there a preferred web browser? 

Yes, we suggest using Internet explorer 6 or later. 

If you have problems logging in, please try the following. 

  • Be sure that you enter your user name and password correctly.
  • Turn off all pop-up blockers.
  • Clear your cache and restart your computer.

If you receive an error page that says the resource is not setup with EZ Proxy, please let us know what resource you were accessing and the link you followed so we can fix the problem. We can be reached at 252-335-3432, 252-335-3433, 252-335-3427 or 252-335-3586. 



Set up a Refworks account to keep track of the article and books your discover in databases.


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