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Information Literacy and Workshops: Workshops

Effective Library Research

Understand the need:  What is the assignment? What is expected of me?

Collect the facts:  The library can help with this. Collect different formats, books, and articles.

Analyze and synthesize:  Read the information you have and think about it. Make notes, outlines or whatever works for you.

Prepare and communicate the results:  Begin writing your first draft. Walk away then come back and edit your paper.

Conduct a follow up:  Talk to your teacher about your grade. What did you do wrong? What did you do right?



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Library Workshops

The G. R. Little Library and the Music Library are committed to providing information literacy programs and workshops to support administrators, faculty, staff, and students. We serve as a resource for faculty to improve academic pedagogy. With our classes you can explore the use of our library databases, focus and enhance student learning and skill development, and engage in professional collegial development and training.

Schedule a Library Instruction Class (Please make your request at least two weeks in advance.)

Workshop Descriptions and Topics

•             Information literacy and research skills

•             Your subject and research methods

•             Building your bibliography

•             Identifying and using appropriate keywords, subject heading, and concepts to a build a search strategy

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G.R. Little Library

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