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Information Architecture and UX

User-centered Design & Usability Testing


Welcome to the Information Architecture and User Experience research guide! This guide covers information architecture, user experience, accessibility, and other related topics.

If you are looking for general information on IA or UX or want to peruse some web resources, use this guide's primary tabs.

Information Architecture

Information architecture (IA) is:

1. The structural design of shared information environments.

2. The combination of organization, labeling, search, and navigation systems within websites and intranets.

3. The art and science of shaping information products and experiences to support usability and findability.

4. An emerging discipline and community of practice focused on bringing principles pf design and architecture to the digital landscape. 

Morville, P. and Rosefeld, L. (2007). Information Architecture for the World Wide WebSebastabol, CA: O'Reilly.

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