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African American Music

African American Music Websites

The All Music Guides listed below are comprehensive in their coverage of each genre, breaking the sections down into sub-genres and styles. Each artist entry provides biographical information, a discography, reviews of songs and albums, and Billboard chart information. Essays written by All Music editors can be found in some of the genre listings, providing a listening guide and placing the genre within a particular historical, cultural, or musical context.

Evaluating Internet Resources

Here are some questions you should ask when you visit a web site in search of reliable information.

What type of site is it?
.edu = educational
.org = organization
.gov = government
.net = network/utilities
.mil = military
.com = commercial

Why was this site created?
• Is the goal to sell?
• To persuade?
• To advocate an agenda?
• To inform?
• Why are advertisements (if any) there? Do they relate to the site?

Who is responsible for the site?
• Is there an author?
• What are his/her credentials?
• Is the "author" an organization or association?

Where can you find more information?
• Is there contact information other than an e-mail address?
• Is there documentation for factual statements, assertions and second-hand information?
• Are there links to other viewpoints, if applicable?

When was the site created or updated?
•An automated date does not indicate when the information was updated.

If you do use a Web site as a resource*:
• Print out relevant pages because Web sites change quickly.
• Make sure you’ve noted the exact URL – you will need it for your work cited page.
• Note the date you accessed the site – you will also need it for your work cited page.
• If you have any doubts about the authority of a site, check with your professor before using the site for your  research.


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