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G.R. Little Library Newsletters

Discover the array of current and previous newsletters from the G.R. Little Library, offering insights into the latest library developments, exciting transformations, and additional noteworthy updates!

Library Newsletters

The G.R. Little Library is a unique blend of academic resource and social venue, offering not only a space for research but also a welcoming environment for a variety of activities like game nights, poetry events, and panel sessions. Nestled in comfortable, newly renovated spaces, it's a place where the campus community can both learn and unwind. The library's annual newsletter, diligently edited by Music Librarian Nurhak Tuncer since 2019, highlights these diverse aspects and library staff activities that are not always visible. In its latest release, the fifth edition (2023) under Nurhak's stewardship, the newsletter celebrates the library as a multifunctional hub for both intellectual engagement and community gatherings. We warmly invite you to explore the library's offerings and join the "Friends of the Library." By reaching out to us, you become part of a community that values knowledge, creativity, and social interaction. Get in touch with the library to discover more and support this dynamic and versatile asset of our campus.


G.R. Little Library

Elizabeth City State University