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Media Center: Media Equipment

Welcome to the Media Center

Students, Faculty,and Staff members are welcome to checkout films and media equipment from the Media Deparatment with a valid ECSU ID.

Media Collection


Media Items

Borrowing  Period

Please Note


8 hours

Calculators can be used outside of the library for testing purposes.

Camcorders (Library Use Only)

3 hours

Students must use camcorders inside of the library and faculty can check camcorders out for use.


(Staff Use Only)

Do Not Circulate

Cameras are for Library Staff use only.


4 Days

Students can check out 2 DVDs for 4 days with their student ID.


6 hours

Headphones are for Library use only


(Staff Use Only)

120 days

*iPad users must sign an iPad agreement form before checking this item out.



(Library Use Only)

8 hours

*Laptop users must sign a laptop agreement form before checking this item out.



(Library Use Only)

Do Not Circulate

LPs do not circulate. Library use only.

Wireless Mice (Library Use Only)

6 hours

Wireless Mice are for Library Use only.

Echo SmartPen*

120 Days

*Echo Smartpens were purchased by the Counseling Center and are circulated on behalf of the Counseling Center. The Counseling Center notifies the library of who should receive this item and the borrowing period for this item.


Portable Microphone  and Speaker

2 days

The portable microphone and Speaker can be checked out of the library by faculty and staff.

LCD Projectors

(Staff Use Only)

2 days

LCD Projectors can be checked out by faculty and staff.

Presentation Remotes

Staff Use Only

Presentation remotes a located in the Director of Library Services office.

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